Римская ботаническая велоночь - регистрация открыта!

Римская ботаническая велоночь - регистрация открыта!
Velonotte Botanica in Rome - Registration is o

London Velonotte - Лондонская Велоночь 2013

Two of our favorite ghosts - depicted by Istanbul designer and biker Aydan Celik.

London Velonotte aka Grand Tour of Early Victorian London. For more details in English please visit our new page www.velonotte.com

Дорогие друзья!
В ночь с 22 на 23 июня Москультпрог проводит Velonotte Albertina, или вторую Лондонская архитектурно-историческую Велоночь! Сотни участников из Британии, России и других стран  собираются на прогулку по самым красивым площадям и садам Викторианского Лондона. На рассвете нас ждет пикник, чай и музыка!

Велоночь приурочена к 150-летнему юбилею Лондонского метрополитена и - шире - всей эпохе великих городских преобразований крон-принца Альберта. Среди ключевых эпизодов – экологическая архитектура Хрустального дворца, зарождение современного музейного дела, поиски идентичности в английской кирпичной архитектуре второй половины XIX века, художественная и литературная жизнь столицы Британской империи, которая и сегодня поражает свой актуальностью (Дикенс, Оливер Твист, прерафаэлиты - все оттуда). По традиции, особая страница посвящена Русскому Лондону – на этот раз, Герцену и Бакунину, а также визитам русских императоров Николая I и Александра II.
Velonotte Albertina by Moskultprog
Спикеры второй Лондонской Велоночи – ведущие исследователи и архитекторы из России и Великобритании.

Подробности и регистрация участников Лондонской Велоночи открыта на нашей странице www.velonotte.org
До скорой встречи!

Внизу - титры нашей прошлогодней Олимпийской Велоночи по безумному и великому Ист-Энду! 

Created and produced by 
& Velonotte International

Broadcasted by the Resonance FM and Jack Thurston

based on the dialogues with
Peter Acroyd
David Adjaye
Ricky Burdett
Valentin Diakonov
Clive Dutton
Kathryn Firth
Linda Hirst
Tom Holbrook
Peter Murray
John Marriott
Will Palin
Richard Rogers
Sergey Romanyuk

Special thanks to Jessame Cronin, Sasha Afanasieva, Clem Cecil, The Zavyalovs, Victoria Aristova, Marina Avdonina, Julia Mineeva, Lena Golubeva, Maria Nemtsova, Alex Crawford, Lauren McKirdy, DJ Kostya, Sonya Kishkovsky and all of our friends in the UK. 
Thanks to Max “the Great” Ushakov 

Supported by 
London festival of Architecture,
Mottra guilt-free caviar house &
iGuzzini UK architecture lighting 

Media supported by
Project Russia
Domus magazine, 
Russian Embassy in London 
British Council for media support.

London Velonotte star map by
Dasha Serebryakova,
(remix by Dorfmeister)

Dima Talashov of Ipanema studios 

Artem Yakimenko 

Original soundtrack 
Sweet Underground



Music picnic venue
East Wintergarden

Thanks to our British marshalls, Southwark cyclists and Hackney Bike Workshop for their nightlong assistance.


© 2012, Sergey Nikitin, VeloNotte/ MosKultProg. All rights reserved.

* * *

London is about to welcome its first VELONOTTE!
(please scroll down to fill a registration form and read our FAQ)

On the night of 23rd of June 2012 London will host an exploration of cultural and architectural history on bicycles: an urban expedition called LONDON VELONOTTE. London Festival of Architecture has invited Velonotte to produce the event on the very first night of the Festival.
This unprecedented architectural event has been conceived by prof. Sergey Nikitin, young Moscow-based architectural historian. Prominent architects and cultural historians, including Peter Ackroyd, Ricky Burdett, John Marriott, David Adjaye, Richard Rogers and Peter Murray have been invited to narrate the moonlit bike tour which will take participants through the Whitechapel, Spitalfields, Tower of Hamlets, Poplar, Canary Wharf and Newham while discussing architecture, urban policy and cultural life, culminating in the newly built Olympic Park.

The 5-hour journey will wrap up with a music picnic at the dawn with Trinity Laban college strings orchestra performing a special set "Sunrise over a Quiet City", directed by Nic Pendlebury.  

Registration form is below.

* * *
Velonotte has been met with critical acclaim and public enthusiasm in Rome (with Jean-Louis Cohen, Piero-Ostilio Rossi and Vittorio Vidotto as speakers), New York (with Peter Eisenman, Ken Jackson and Alexander Neratoff), Terni and St. Petersburg (with Maria Makogonova, Sergey Tchoban and Boris Kirikov). The most recent event of this kind in Moscow in 2011 has attracted more than 5,000 people (watch a short documentary here).

Velonotte is being produced by the non-profit Bureau de Velonotte/MosKultProg.
We are truly grateful for the support of the Russian Embassy in London, Canary Wharf Group PLC & Mottra Caviar House.
The official broadcast partner - Resonance FM 104,4 FM
Architectural lighting by iGuzzini.
Artworks by Dorfmeister, Dasha Serebryakova and The Glory Avenue.

If you think you can help somehow, please don't hesitate to contact us! See you you in London!

yours truly,
- Velonotte International.



Ladies and gentlemen, the registration for London Velonotte is closed.
Please welcome to our Velonotte Pietrogrado "White Night Ride" in St.Petersburg, Russia. July 14-15, 2012. The registration will be soon open here - http://velonotte.blogspot.co.uk/p/velonotte-pietrogrado-2012.html
Thank you for your interest!


What shall I bring with me to Velonotte?
- Bike, bike lights and FM-radio.

Bike lights are necessary? 
Bike lights are actually required by law in the UK after dark.

Does Velonotte provide a bike?
- No. You can rent a bike in London public rentals.

Will I have to ride fast? 
- Approximate calculated speed is around 7 km/h.

Are you going to make other Velonottes in 2012? 
- Yes, we organize the 6th edition of the Velonotte Moscow on June, 26. St.Petersburg’s Velonotte Pietrogrado is scheduled for July 14, 2012. Check this page for details.

How can I help London Velonotte? 
- You can help with an advice or a donation. You can write to us, by sending the mail to velonotte[*AT]gmail.com.


Feel free to inquire for more details here - velonotte at gmail com. All recent news and articles can be found on MosKultProg.


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